Lines of Business

Since 2004, CVP has established a strong track record of delivering results. Here are some recent examples of our work:

Executive Management

Ventures where CVP takes over critical executive functions, e.g.: Kazang, Texforce and Smile below.

Own Ventures

Ventures which CVP undertakes on its own account and risk. e.g.:-

IP Commercialization

Ventures where individuals or groups have developed technology with economic potential requiring commercial know how, e.g.:-

  • HPT, a company which develops high temperature induction furnaces for working with high melting temperature materials
  • Azargen Bio-TechnologiesAzarGen is a biotechnology company utilising advanced genetic engineering and synthetic biology techniques
  • NioCad, a company developing a suite of Electronic Design Tools for the design of super-conducting integrated circuits.
  • HySA Catalysis, a venture for developing and producing catalysts and catalytic devices for use in fuel cell systems.


M & A, Exits, Growth, Strategy, Business Acceleration

Assignments of a consulting nature where CVP has assisted management or shareholders with restructuring, selling or other major change in the company, e.g.:-