Stellenbosch Wind Energy Technologies

The SWET turbine is based on the patented Slip Synchronous Permanent Magnet Generator (SSPMG). This technology allows a permanent magnet generator to be connected straight to an electricity network, without the use of an inline rectifier, inverter or gearbox. This produces a robust generator, suitable to an unstable electricity network and various unknown conditions. SWET developed a Grid Connection Controller (GCC) that automatically synchronises the generator with the electricity network using wind alone. Once the generator is connected to the grid, the GCC monitors the operating conditions at the point of connection to ensure that all systems are performing at maximum energy output.


  • Street: Hamandshand Road
  • Postcode: 7600
  • City: Stellenbosch
  • State: Western Cape
  • Country: South Africa


  • Telephone: (+27) 83 379 0130
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Stellenbosch Wind Energy Technologies