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Ice-Cloud Virtual Logistics (Pty) Ltd

The Ice Cloud platform was developed by Van Zyl and Pritchard who partnered with Sandulela to take the product to market. Ice-Cloud prepaid on demand is the ultimate solution for prepaid retailers. It is a fully automated system that directly connects the retail sales outlet with the Network/Dealer platform. It effects the PIN delivery transaction through GPRS (general packet radio) at the lowest cost achievable in an unwired environment or at ZERO marginal cost in a wired environment (www). Output devices that can be used on the Ice-Cloud system include: Integrated GPRS POS with screen, keypad and high-speed thermal printer; JAVA/GPRS cellphone or PC with GPRS modem or permanent Internet connection.

The Ice-Cloud prepaid logistics and distribution point of sale solution is the cellular industry's premier distribution solution. Completely web-based, Ice-Cloud provides real-time cellular POS and CRM capabilities with tracking features for SIMs/IMEIs; accounting features and other various features, designed to help cellular retailers, prepaid electricity vendors, wholesalers, and CRM agents better manage their businesses. Information relating to each transaction is accounted for by the system down to the level of voucher type, value, code, salesperson, time, date and POS device and all this info is available on-line. Ice-Cloud prepaid on demand does not require an investment in prepaid card inventory by the retailer. All PIN purchases are "on demand" and processed right then and there at the point of sale. Retailers simply buy what they sell – period. No more excess cards. No more having too many of an unpopular prepaid card.

Wiredloop (Pty) Ltd

Commencing business in 2005 as a virtual electronic voucher distribution company in partnership with Vodacom, Wiredloop is focused on the deployment of mobile GSM point of sale terminals in previously disadvantaged areas where there are Community Payphone shops being operated by Vodacom. These POS terminals provide such services as prepaid airtime sales for the three GSM network providers Vodacom, MTN, Cell-C and the fixed line operator Telkom. Wiredloop also provides retail facilities for prepaid electricity and banking facilities.

Sandulela Technology (Pty) Ltd

Sandulela Technology was founded by Sandulela Telecom International (Pty) Ltd and Van Zyl and Pritchard (Pty) Ltd who developed the Ice-Cloud virtual distribution and logistics platform. This partnership holds the sole and exclusive distribution rights for the Linudix LMT3000s mobile GPRS point of sale terminal for Africa and surrounding islands. This terminal, which runs Ice-Cloud is used primarily for virtual airtime and electricity voucher vending and electronic payments.

Sandulela Telecommunications Lesotho (Pty) Ltd

Established in 2003 as a payphone distribution and management company for Vodacom Lesotho, Sandulela Lesotho recognized a gap in the payphone market in Lesotho as a tool for universal telephony access. It entered into a partnership model with Vodacom Lesotho with the view to deploying and managing payphones on behalf of the network as a strategy for rapid but managed growth. To date, Sandulela Lesotho has deployed and is managing over 500 public cellular payphones centres throughout Lesotho and has recently been licensed as a full service commercial super dealer responsible for all forms of distribution including payphones, prepaid and postpaid SIM cards and airtime distribution for Vodacom Lesotho.

Sandulela Telecom Botswana

Sandulela Telecom Botswana is a distributor (retail and wholesale) of prepaid SIM cards and virtual airtime for Mascom Wireless, Orange and BTC in the Botswana market. The company is also involved in prepaid electricity distribution with Botswana Power Corporation.

Ababa Group (Pty) Ltd

Ababa is a joint venture operation between The Factory (Pty) Ltd, an e-commerce and internet solutions company and Sandulela Telecom International. Ababa acts as a solutions provider in the areas of merchant services, providing electronic funds transfer solutions for credit and debit card payments through a mobile point of sale terminal as a replacement to the fixed terminal currently in use. Ababa is also a license Wireless Application Service Provider.


  • Country: South Africa


  • Telephone: Tel: +27 (21) 425-0948
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