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Hot Platinum Technologies

Innovative induction heating systems for processing precious and base metals.

HPT (Hot Platinum (Pty) Ltd) is a South African technology company focused on the development and manufacture of innovative induction heating systems for processing precious and base metals.

HPT combines energy efficient induction heating technology, with a high level of automation and system design to provide complete solutions, that produce consistent high quality results.

HPT's award winning technology is utilized in melting and casting applications, refining applications; metallurgical laboratories; foundries, jewellery production; dental laboratories; and metal processing applications; both locally and internationally. HPT's wide range of products include melting and casting systems; for platinum, gold, copper, steel and various other metals; with capacities from a few grams to large volumes. HPT also manufacturers vacuum remelt furnaces for laboratory applications; specialized vacuum melting furnaces, and customized heating solutions.

The company has a strong research base and a proven ability to supply innovative induction heating solutions combined with a high level of system automation; to meet the specific needs of ourcustomers. HPT's strong technical expertise ensures the highest level of technical support.


  • Country: South Africa


  • Telephone: +27 21 556 8469
  • Fax: +27 21 556 5636
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