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Fraud Prevention in our daily lives

Many of the financial interactions that we encounter in life involve one or more people that you may only know superficially, or sometimes, not at all. This in itself puts you and/or your business at risk. FraudCheck has a real-time fraud prevention solution that includes ID verification and Full Person background screening at your fingertips.

In our current age, the majority of working adults are spoilt with instant access to information - anything ranging from world news, to our children's school activities, to the special offers at our favourite shops. Coupled with this is a wide range of ways to access the internet and also to satisfy our shopping needs. The result is a working class with the means to do business online, but where do we draw the line and protect ourselves against online fraud?

How do we know when the person at the other end of an email, SMS or phone call intends to defraud us? FraudCheck eliminates the guesswork and equips you with a real-time fraud screening recommendation report containing the information that is useful when deciding whether or not to start a new financial relationship.


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