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Bridge becomes The KnowHow Hub

We founded Bridge because we were so frustrated with the way corporate training was being done back then….printed Word documents stored in dusty filing cabinets!

We built a great and loyal client base through providing tools that delivered simple and focused solutions to real corporate training needs.

Now, the world of learning and development is becoming more flexible and social.  So are we – while still maintaining our core values of simplicity and ease of use.

So we say goodbye to Bridge People and Technology, and we welcome in our new brand – The KnowHow Hub.

One platform – KnowHow.

We build e-learning content that is interactive, graphic rich, entertaining and engaging.

Our content development specialists use the best authoring tools to build rich, interactive content that will delight your learners….and won’t break your budget.

We also know that content must be relevant and solve business problems; our goal is to build training content that has an immediate positive effect on business productivity and efficiency.

We’re experts in using advanced gamification techniques to create the most engaging, entertaining content you’ll see.

Contact us if you would like to see some examples of this.


  • Country: South Africa


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