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Time to Reply

Why businesses are loving timetoreply™

Measure your response time

Measure your response time to online enquiries. You will be able to see how quickly you or your staff is responding to each enquiry that comes in via your website. This data will be viewable on your timetoreply™ Speedo and in your dashboard.

Commit to fast online service

Display the timetoreply™ Speedo on your website and show your visitors that you respond quickly to online enquiries. Build trust by displaying your average response time and reviews and more people will engage with your business.

Get customer reviews

We will automatically gather customer reviews for your business by sending an email 24 hours after your initial response to a customer to ask them what they thought of your service. This is a great way to make sure you are satisfying your customers needs and to build a testimonial bank to build trust.

View Performance Reports

View your response time performance, read reviews and compare sales agents using the reports function via the dashboard.



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