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IRONCloud Industries

Secure and Robust Business Integration in the Cloud

IRONCloud is a cloud based operating system which can work on any connected device and which allows the user to access any cloud based software through the same portal from a single dashboard.

It caters for different users, different applications, different geographies, even different languages and charges each user or his organization only for what he uses. Businesses have all the advantages of the cloud and few if any of the disadvantages.

IRONCloud Industries also offers:-


Websites with many automated features, e.g. eCommerce, Accounting, Customer Service etc. which allow site owners to do business on line. These engines are usually designed for a specific industry, e.g. Real Estate, Gated Communities, Recruitment Consultants, and so on.

Cloud Migration

Moving your IT facilities from on-premises or ISP host, to the cloud.

The cloud is where it's at in modern IT and we can get you there smoothly and securely so that you can benefit from the major savings thes facilities offer, viz:-

  • They are faster, unlimited by local processing power
  • They are continuously updated without effort from the user
  • They are more secure and reliable
  • They are scalable without any disruption whatsoever

Above all they are significantly cheaper to use

  • Less capital on user devices or even BYOD
  • No capital outlay on server facilities
  • No upfront investment in software, pay as you use
  • Reduced or negligible in house support
  • Cancellation on a month’s notice
  • No dead capital and only pay for what you use.


  • Country: South Africa


  • Telephone: +27 83 404 0063
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.