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Azargen Offer

Unlike our competitors using i) animal-derived or ii) synthetic compounds that only mimic the natural human protein, we offer an alternative and patentable plant-based technology to produce functional copies of the human protein for replacement therapy.

Business Opportunity

AzarGen has identified a commercially viable need for the production of a candidate therapeutic protein of which different animal and/or synthetic preparations are currently being used for replacement therapy in clinical trials worldwide.

Drawbacks associated with the current preparations include: i) low or no clinical efficacy, ii) limited product supply, iii) health risk of especially animal-derived products, iv) high cost of product development. The need is obvious and AzarGen has the technology with clear advantages to address this need and develop a complex human-based protein for specific replacement therapies of which the estimated global market forecast is approximately $2 billion annually.

Target Market

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies who:

  • want to be market leaders, developing and marketing “blockbuster” drugs for specific diseases.
  • want large (specific and/or diversified) drug pipelines.
  • are dissatisfied with the supply limits, partial activity, high production cost, safety concerns and high cost of therapy using synthetic, animal and/or bacterial-derived pharmaceutical compounds.
  • need to ensure access to future drugs and/or development platforms through i) external product development, ii) royalty/licensing agreements, iii) alliances with or iv) buying out smaller biotech firms.


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