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Kapa Biosystems

Inspired by the power of evolution.

We are constantly evolving better science by applying the latest advances in genomics and synthetic biology to help reduce costs, simplify workflows and improve results. Our core protein engineering technologies enable us to tailor enzymes to suit specific applications in next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing, DNA amplification and molecular diagnostics. Biomedical research is no longer limited by the constraints of native enzyme structure or function.

Kazang (formerly Psitek/Elprom+Saicom)

Kazang (formerly Psitek/Elprom+Saicom)

Sold to Paycorp in July 2014

Today’s Kazang was formed by the March 2011 merger of Saicom with Psitek’s mobile vending division, Kazang. The combined decades-long experience, systems, infrastructure and industry relations create a solid base for ongoing success in the South African and African markets.