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Inspired by ideas, motivated by results

InnovUS is the technology transfer Division of Stellenbosch University. It licences the intellectual property of Stellenbosch University labs and promotes entrepreneurship and business acceleration among staff and students.


Africa's largest publicly traded ICT management and management services company

Integr8 Quick facts

    • Integr8 was founded in March 2001
    • The founders and joint CEOs are Rob Sussman and Lance Fanaroff
    • Integr8 is a renowned, award-winning company
    • Integr8 is black empowered
    • The company employs more than 550 full time professionals across multiple offices in South , Africa, Africa and abroad
    • Now clients can also enjoy access to enjoy access to 7,000 high skilled personnel
    • It has continuously increased its year – on – year growth through pure organic growth
    • The company has zero debt and has used its internal cash flows to fund its growth
    • Integr8 operates the only South African based Nerve Centre®, a hub of people, innovative technology and ITIL processes, that remotely manage the ICT environment of many of the country’s leading organisations
    • Multibillion Rands of ICT assets are managed by Integr8’s  Nerve Centre®


IRONCloud Industries

IRONCloud Industries

Secure and Robust Business Integration in the Cloud

IRONCloud is a cloud based operating system which can work on any connected device and which allows the user to access any cloud based software through the same portal from a single dashboard.

It caters for different users, different applications, different geographies, even different languages and charges each user or his organization only for what he uses. Businesses have all the advantages of the cloud and few if any of the disadvantages.