Cape Technology Successes

The Western Cape is one of the most attractive places on earth to live. It enjoys a mild climate, beautiful scenery, access to two oceans and many of the advantages of both city and country living. It is the most popular destination in South Africa for tourists from abroad. It also has the benefit of 5 universities and some of the best schools in the country to generate talent supplemented by local and international immigrants. No small wonder then that it is also the most popular area in South Africa for high technology start ups despite its relative geographic distance from the main markets of North America and Asia. Europe, on the other hand, is only an overnight flight away.

An ever-increasing nmber of supportive initiatives e.g. Silicon Cape, CITI (Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative), Bandwidth Barn, Startup90, SABLE (South African Business Link to Experts) Network, Simodisa, MIH Media Lab, NetProphet, and Grindstone Accelerator, to name a few. Initiatives like Endeavor and TT100 (Technology Top 100) also have a strong presence in the Western Cape.

Because the Western Cape is remote from the industrial heart of South Africa, which is located in Gauteng Province, it does not host the headquarters of the country's largest technology employers. In latter years this has become an advantage because many bright young minds who may otherwise have sought employment, have decided to become entrepreneurs and use their talents to develop new services and products. A few of the most noteworthy are included on these pages. These companies may not have been in the public eye but have created significant impact in their fields. Digital Outsource Services, world champion, in gaming software and Benguela Technologies/Nimbula largely responsible for the technology behind the Amazon Cloud and other major IaaS companies are prime examples.

The Cape has long been famous in the field of medicine - the first heart transplant was performed here so it is no wonder that bio-technology companies with significant products have developed here.

WESGRO is the Cape Provincial Government's Agency to promote the Cape as an inspiring place to build a global business.

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