Supporting Technology Entrepreneurs taking their business to the next level.

Who We Are

Cape Venture Partners (CVP) was established in 2004. We provide guidance and mentoring to technology start-ups, initially for CITI (Cape IT Initiative) and the Bandwidth Barn. It was founded by Geoff Hainebach, Chair of CITI and the Bandwidth Barn at the time, ably supported by Tony Mallam, Andrea Bohmert (now Knife Capital) and David Murray, and later joined by Martin Wright (now CEO of Kazang). Over the years CVP has mentored hundreds of technology entrepreneurs, and in addition has launched and participated in a number of ventures, including Smile90.4 radio. CVP has also driven successful turn-arounds, notably Kazang (previously Psitek and Saicom), now part of the CashConnect Group. CVP has also assisted our local universities, UCT and Stellenbosch, commercialising IP and launching spin-out companies, notably Azargen and HyPlat. Over the years, we have also advised entrepreneurs seeking investment from Angel investors, Venture Capital and Private Equity players, both locally and internationally, and have helped negotiate a number of exits, both partially and in full.

What We Do

Business Valuations

What is your business worth today
What could/should your business be worth in 3 years
Conservative and Blue-sky scenarios

Scaling your Business

Can you scale at 100% plus?
Can Operations and HR keep up with Sales?

Business Model
Are you making money?

Financial reward in line with value add
Pricing models – annuity (recurring revenue) vs one-off revenue

Business Strategy

Evaluate whether the existing strategy is correct, or do you need to pivot
Maintain focus, be clear on “what you will NOT do!”
Benefit from Advisory Boards

Sales & Marketing

Realize and fully understand the balance and focus of
one’s clients
one’s competitors
one’s products/service
one’s competitive advantages
the different markets

Balancing Business
Development with Product Development

Tech Entrepreneurs are so focused on Product development they neglect Business Development
CVP’s strong business acumen compliments the engineering and scientific strengths

Understanding the Financials

Unlock and provide clarity to “the numbers”
Focus on profitability, not just revenue
Cash-flow management

Finding the right Mentor

Trusted advice makes all the difference
Benefit from the experience of others

Investment Readiness

Attract the right type of investment at a reasonable valuation at the right time
Avoid selling too much equity too early
Understand the specific needs and expectations of Investors

M&A Advisory

Deal Structures
Raising Capital (Angel, VC & Private Equity)
Exit Strategies
Departing Shareholders
Shareholder agreements

Legal & IP

CVP partners with specialist advisors who focus and specialise in high growth technology businesses